Fictional Girlfriends Galore

Wowie, 200 followers?? Cool beans ^-^

Anyway I’m not sure what to giveaway cause I’ve never done something like this?? So I’m just gunna make a list. 

But there’s gunna be 3 winners:
>First place can pick 5 of the following things
>Second place can pick 3 of the following things
>Third place can pick 1 of the following things
((But if you’re following me, you get one extra thing of your choice))

So here’s the list (this’ll probably be edited quit a bit, stay up on it). 

But yeah, RULES.

  1. You can post this on a giveaway blog, I really don’t care.
  2. Keep your ask open!!
  3. I’ll need your address v.v
  4. I’ll pay for shipping.
  5. You don’t have to be following me!

I mean, I guess that’s it. 

This’ll end April 13th!! 

Good luck ^-^

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